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BiteUnite Hong Kong

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About the Chef

We are a hub: a community centre point, a hive of activity, energy and inspiration.
We aim to empower our members and our community at large through a shared passion for cooking and creativity.

Signature Dish

Any home-cooked food!


Andrea wannop

We loved the event space and table setting. We had a great time!

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Andrea wannop

We loved the event space and table setting. We had a great time!

Matthew Ferriday

We really enjoyed the class and the dumpings tasted amazing! The venue was very good, and the free flow was a great deal. That said, the cooking itself didn't start for an hour. This wouldn't have been a problem had we not been on a time limit, but in this case it meant that we had to rush to finish our food and cake. Had we started 30 minutes earlier then this would have been slightly less rushed. Overall, we really enjoyed our day and would definitely come back. Thank you.

Yannick Lenormand

Great experience. My colleagues learned to bake and had fun. We wish we could have stayed longer

Kathy Kong

A nice place with good equipment. However, the air-cond facility is awful. all of us cant breath and cant cook as it is too hot. Suggest you guys can prepare some big fan/ mobile air-cond. Thanks.

Karen Tang


Anita Shimazu

Had a great time with my friends learning how to make dumplings for my birthday. The staff was easy going, helpful and accommodating. The finished products tasted great. Great venue and location. Highly recommended!!!


My girlfriend and I enjoyed the dumpling class with Carry. We had a delightful time. Not only we enjoyed learning how to make them but also we did love eating them!

Anne Vanlaeys

Wonderful welcome, cute and very clean setting. Highly recommend

Brooke Morcus

Paul Oh

Would highly recommend. Chef bitunite was so patient and taught us perfection, whilst having some fun.

Bonnie Bergmann

We did this class on our first day in Hong Kong and we immediately felt welcomed to the city by the friendly staff and the warm atmosphere of the class. We thoroughly enjoyed the market tour element. We got to learn about some of the history of the area and saw exactly what fresh ingredients we were going to be cooking with and where to buy them again! The class itself was easy to follow and would be fine for people of all ages and skill level. I personally was extremely impressed with the business model of Bite Unite and would LOVE to see them open up more locations in the future (esp in Japan!!) <3. Overall it was one of our best experiences in Hong Kong. Highly recommended!

Federico Galimberti

Bite Unite event on 10/7 was a superb event as it was well structured around 4 main pillars: (1) its diverse panel of speakers bringing a rich experience, (2) a sufficiently informal context allowing people to open up to questions and comments, (3) a live kitchen with food to taste, (4) a skillful moderator with support from owner of venue. Definitely a worthwhile evening!!

Mario Nigrinis

Great event, lots of fun and good vibes. The panel was interesting. Thumps up to Marco's pizza

BiteUnite Hong Kong

BiteUnite Hong Kong

Sarah Yu

Firstly, the requirement that each participant needs to sign up for an account before registering for an event is ludicrous. I am from out of town and would likely not go to another BiteUnite event in the near future. I am happy to pay, even ore-order a ticket, but asking me to sign up and/or use an API to sign in adds a layer of unnecessary complexity to the process that is a huge turn-off. What's wrong with paypal? Or walk-in guests? If I were not joining the event in order to support a close friend, I would never have followed through. Then, as I had registered, paid, etc., I expected to be let into the venue at the time listed on the event listing, and have someone take my name at the door. Neither of these things happened. I waited outside in the rain for about a half hour. It was 3:30 (1.5 hours after the start time) before I was able to tick my name off a list. Admittedly, the event improved as it went on (as did the weather), but I fail to understand how a venue that supposedly hosts events all the times could be so unprofessional about the way it conducts itself. I enjoyed myself at the event because I was among friends and interesting people. The coffee that came with my ticket was also excellent. The venue (and its management) needs work.

Catey B

The event was really a fantastic time - enjoyed meeting new folks and hanging out with folks I've met at other refugee community events in the past. I wish drinks could have also been free for refugees and asylum seekers attending! Or perhaps next time everyone pays for drinks. Thanks again!

Anne Damrell

What a special community event! It felt like whole neighbourhood came out to support local artists. We will definitely go again.

Vincent Vaucelle

Nice atmosphere... very European casual.

Pierre Seon

Friendly, good food nice music and great photos!

Talitha Patrick

It was a great event. Worthy cause!

Patta Arkaresvimun

Love the food and wine !

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