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How to throw a dumpling party


About the event

2 Hours

Chinese New Year is coming!

Learn how to make Asia’s most beloved (and tastiest) dish, the famous Gyoza dumpling! Great for team-building
The private group requires a min of 10 guests.

Master the basics of wrapping dumplings in various traditional shapes and learn how to prepare mouthwatering fillings. Pair with a wine spritzer or a refreshing draft beer. (Non-alcoholic drinks available)

Total time of 2 hours.
Guests will learn different styles of how to cook/ prepare pan-fried dumplings (Gyoza). And dine afterward in our event space.

Check out more pics @biteunitesf
Wine and beer available, BYOB $19 corkage fee.

We are implementing the below guidelines to ensure the safety of you and our staff:
o COVID screening upon arrival.
o Require Proof of Vaccination for Entry to Certain Indoor Restaurants.

By BiteUnite




Patta was our teacher for the rooftop Thai cooking class. It was awesome! She made it fun and we really enjoyed how approachable she was. The food was amazing and I definitely plan on checking out other classes here. Everything was very organized and I was happy that we had time to enjoy our meals and ask questions :)

Matt Holland

This was a gift and wow! The food was some of the best, it was really fun to learn how to make one of my favorite dishes at home and some of the tricks that make it so yummy! Highly recommend the class and the kit :)

Marlon R Sales

Overall the experience was fun. Complimentary rosé for the Valentine’s cooking course, with an interactive instructor. The food that we made was good, and our instructor showed us how to make authentic Thai foods. The lift was broken that day and they worked really hard to still give us a memorable experience. The weather was good and the view of the city is nice in a good day. However the class felt a little rushed and it made some of the instructions not as clear. Overall a great experience and would do again. Recommend all Thai food lovers to try and take this class with a very knowledgeable instructor

Emily Vann

"Incredible Experience! Patta is so kind and knowledgeable. We really loved all of her tips about cooking authentic thai and hearing her stories about her home and family. We had guests of all ages participate in the experience and everyone had so much fun! I highly recommend this cooking class and can't wait to take more in the future. Thanks Patta and BiteUnite for an experience we won't forget!"

Tim Morris

Patta was such a fun and engaging instructor! My mother and I had such a good time - it was the perfect birthday gift for her! Not to mention, the food was delicious!

Patricia Morales

My family had such an amazing time making gingerbread houses and cookies!! The staff was amazing, the set-up was great, and the time spent with our family laughing and eating was priceless. We are definitely returning to do some cooking classes. This was hands down an amazing experience.

Pamela Squyres

Fun, practical, and dumplings were delicious. Took me several tries to get the folding right, but our teacher was patient and very clear.

Will Shankles

So much fun and the food was delicious! I would highly recommend.

Leah Shapiro

I surprised my girlfriend for her birthday with this rooftop cooking class - such a wonderful class and an incredibly fun way to celebrate her birthday. She was overjoyed and loved it!

Cherrie Almonte

This is our first time attending a cooking class with Bite Unite. We especially loved that it's a Thai cooking class because my husband and I love Thai food! The rooftop area is so nice with a beautiful backdrop of the city. Imagine devouring delicious food with an amazing view - a perfect match! We enjoyed the class a lot! We learned so many tips on how to cook Thai food the right way. Can't recommend this class enough! It's a fun idea for team building or date idea. The class was so fun and everyone was super nice!

Gina-Rose Oliva

The food was amazing and we had a great time. There was a few misses from the staffing side of things since we were constantly asking for more water, silverware, extra plates post clearing, etc. As the host I was constantly going around and pouring water for people. I believe at $99/pp + 20% tip ($2,084) we were going to be further catered too. Also if we didnt bring the decor the space would have been completely bare, which would have been a miss.

Pamela Squyres

Very hands on! We learned some tricks to Thai street food that make all the difference. Teacher gave good, clear explanations, and we could try (and eat!) everything. Beautiful setting.

Mikayla Tencer

I had such a great time at Bite Unite's Rooftop Thai Cooking class. The teacher was excellent at explaining each step and the food turned out incredible! I've already recreated one of the dishes at home and definitely plan to go back when they offer different cuisines!

Julia Sanders

Instructor was warm, friendly, funny, and patient. Food was delicious and setting was perfect. Highly recommend!

Joseph Sum

Super fun, delicious food, and very practical recipes to take home!

Vera Lee

The mooncake class was great! Our instructor Patta was very knowledgeable and helpful, and we went home with 24 beautiful snowskin mooncakes to share!

Lorelei Gandingco

It was a fun and informative class. The meals were items I always order at Thai restaurants- now I know how to make them myself. I did the class with a group of my friends and we had a great time. The other groups were also very friendly.

Raegan Barker

Super fun! The perfect amount of cooking, eating, and enjoying ourselves. All the workers were super knowledgeable and helpful, and the food was delicious. This was a perfect way to spend an afternoon!

Randall C Smith

My Wife Karen and I took the Thai Cooking On The Roof class for our 17th Anniversary. We had a great time and enjoyed learning to make some great Thai dishes. Patta was very informative and made the experience fun. Being able to do this on the roof in times of Covid gave us an extra added feeling of safety. I'd like to take my team from work there for a team building exercise. Kudos to Patta and her staff for a great set up and allowing us to celebrate in a fun way today!


It was a great experience! The teacher and staff were super helpful and the instructions were clear. We made very successful and yummy mooncakes! You'll also get activity photos after class.

Louise Collari

What a great experience! Definitely would recommend this cooking class. Fun, informative, and tasty!

Jordyn Elliott

The team had an amazing time learning how to make dumplings! Everyone's turned out so great and there could not be better feedback on the recipe and the instructor. Thank you Bite SF!

Bryana Ervin

It was very fun and very informative. I just wish there was a bit more cooking involved but I understand the space restrictions kind of inhibit that. Very entertaining regardless and would love to attend more classes in the future!

Ashleigh Rohrer

Such a fun experience! Even through the unpredictable wind, we cooked, laughed and enjoyed! Was definitely top tier and we will be attending classes in the future.

Rachel Prabhu

Our teacher was amazing. She was so sweet and engaging. I highly highly recommend this experience.

Brett Leader

Great experience! Patta was very kind and led an awesome rooftop Tahi cooking class. Will definitely recommend to friends. Thanks again for having us out and taking good care of us!


Who knew Thai cooking could be so easy! Patta was an amazing host and made sure everything was easily understood and you have everything needed to create these yummy dishes.I love the rooftop vibes and the views were superb! Make sure to bring a hat or jacket in case it’s sunny or windy! They even accommodated the cooking to ensure the wind didn’t affect the cooking. Definitely recommend this experience to anyone for any occasion!


Such a great and fun experience ! Very chill and lots of food! We had such a great time! Definitely recommend to friends, couples, family anyone really looking for something fun to do!


We loved our cooking experience with Patta! We made chicken basil and pad Thai and it was delicious and a lot of food. Patta was very welcoming and interesting, and the rooftop has a stunning view of the city. Would definitely go back for another experience!


This was a great way to get some confidence in cooking difficult dishes. As a novice, I appreciated how knowledgeable everyone instructing and helping were!! Cant wait to try these recipes at home


Patta is amazing at what she does and we had a blast learning from her. Just come prepared for the wind since its on a rooftop!


Me and my 4 friends had a wonderful time learning these surprisingly simple yet delicious recipes! I was really happy at how prepared Patta was; all of the ingredients were prepared beautifully on dishes that we ended up using later, plus they had chicken pre-diced as well! All around a fantastic experience that I would recommend to anyone!


Thanks Patta, we had a great time. Really fun to learn the recipes and delicious food. Appreciate the follow-up, the photos and the recipes!


This was a great bonding activity for my coworkers and I meeting for the first time! It was a bit windy but still got to enjoy the beautiful views! Food was tasty and great portions.


Patta is a fabulous host and made the experience so memorable! Definitely recommend with loved ones or I would even go alone! Location was easy to get to and everything felt very COVID safe.


We really enjoyed Pattas cooking class. We went as a group but would have had a great time if we met new folks there. Patta had a cool story, and showed us how to cook delicious and filling authentic Thai food. Were stuffed!


We had a great time learning about Thai cuisine and cooking with Patta. The view was beautiful (although we did have to battle a bit of wind) and the food was delicious. We would definitely come again! Michael


We had such a wonderful time at Patta's class. The rooftop view was gorgeous, the food was delicious and so fun to cook, and Patta was so kind and accommodating. We would recommend this to everyone and would love to cook with her again.


It was such a beautiful experience with everyone. Unfortunately it was extremely windy so we had to cook in the kitchen which was ten times better. We were allowed to be ourselves and play loud music. My girlfriend and our friends had a wonderful time and the food was delicious.

David Miller

My son and I had a delightful time learning and cooking during this class. I had always enjoyed pad Thai but the recipes I found were always slightly too intimidating. The class made it accessible and the result was amazing. I learned a lot and I highly recommend the class if you are interested in expanding your cooking knowledge.


Had a good time and hands-on experience with a great view from the rooftop and a tasty meal for my birthday. Patta is an amazing facilitator and we had so much fun! Definitely recommend it.


Patta and this entire setup was amazing! the food we made here was the best food I ate, the entire trip! the location views were amazing. I loved hearing Patta's story, so inspiring!


Patta was an amazing host and the view was awesome. We will 100% make the 3 hour drive for this class again in the near future!(:


We had a blast with Patta during her thai cooking class. The recipes were easy yet astoundingly delicious - we are looking forward to recreating the recipes at home!


Excellent overall experience! Great dishes and very helpful presentation. We had a lot of fun and look forward to making the dishes asap! TY Patta!


This is our first cooking class and it is very engaging! We enjoyed every minute of it. It is educational and personal. We have learned so much and we were under great care. We recommend anyone who loves Thai food or looking for a fun experience to take Pattas class!

Dave And Charlayne

Looking for something different to do when visiting family and this was it!! This AirBnB suggestion was exceptional. Rooftop kitchen with a view, no cooking skills needed and yet our lunch was the best!! Patta is a wonderful host, patient and thoughtful. Good storytelling as well. Dont second guess this opportunity - definitely worth it.


Patta was a great host with a warm and friendly personality. I booked this for my partner and I for his birthday and we both loved it. Learned some great recipes and enjoyed the gorgeous SF views from the rooftop.


Patta is always an amazing host and the experience was safe (covid-19 precautions being taken) and in an amazing outdoor rooftop. The customization for the outdoor & personal styled cooking were great! Will highly recommend for individuals, couple or even bigger groups with friends and family. This offsite will leave you happy, satiated and youll learn a thing or two about authentic Thai cooking.


We signed up for this class to celebrate my parents wedding anniversary and had a wonderful experience with Patta! The dishes were delicious and the view was amazing from the rooftop. Thank you Patta!


This was such a fun experience and would recommend this to anyone coming to San Fran! It rained, so we sadly did not get to actually cook on the roof, but we still had a great time.


Wow, Patta and team put together a wildly fun experience for us. - Safety protocols were clear, efficient, and sufficient - Recipes were simple and quick to execute for everyone, and delicious (even in spite of some of our efforts) - the rooftop location was gorgeous (and windy/chilly, as duly noted ahead of time to our party) - Patta proactively went the extra mile to make sure we'd be able to enjoy a beautiful sunset Hope Patta and team continue to build out more rooftop experiences while we wait for indoor dining to resume safely!


This was a great outdoor and safe experience for a friend get-together. I had done this event indoors pre-COVID, and it was very similar, if not better, as we were able to enjoy the sun and views of SF. Each person also had their own cooking station (indoors we took turns at the stove). There were special touches like someone taking pictures for us with a nice camera to get emailed after the event. Plenty of COVID supplies too like gloves, hand sanitizer, and wipes.

Carol Moore

The food was good but it was a windy day and cold so had to leave coats on. The food was quick to cook so the class ended at one hour instead of two. We didn’t make the dessert. It was already prepared. We weren’t allowed to use our cameras and were told that they would take lots of pictures for us but they were too busy and did t get very many. That was a disappointment as I blog our trips and wanted lots of photos.


This was an experience of a lifetime! Great location, amazing host and incredible food! I learned so much! Everything was clean and safe.


Really loved the experience with Patta and Bite Unite! Everything was well thought through and Patta and her staff made all guests feel welcome and safe during this time in this pandemic. The view was amazing and the location was really nice. The three courses we made were easy to make and delicious, I really recommend taking this class with your significant other or best friends!


This was such an amazing experience. The food was insane! By far some of the best food Ive ever had. The view from the rooftop was gorgeous and the outdoor heaters made the cold weather bearable.

Mark Ballard

It was an incredibly fun time. Patta made it very fun and educational. It was a great way to spend spend and evening. Cooking and then eating great food. All over zoom. Thank you Patta for making it extra special.

Raychel Adler

We had such a fun time in this new years day class. It was a great way to connect with friends and family in a safe and fun way and the result was delicious! The only constructive comment I have is that the pace was a bit quick. Maybe shorter review of chefs background/pad thai background/less questions time would have made cooking slow a bit. All in all a great time and experience. Thank you

Yannick Lenormand

That was fun!

Greg Foster

Great class, awesome crew. Instructions from the mixologist were spot on and the end result tasted fantastic. Plus there was live entertainment. Fab afternoon will do this again. Thanks Bite


Thank you for an amazing class. I have loved this dish since i first sampled it. Now i can recreate it at home! It was better than what i have had else where. The chef was super nice & accommodating. She is a great teacher in not only guiding you thru the recipe but also sharing techniques & tips. I highly recommend this class. Your dish will turn out looking like it came from a restaurant!

Paul Lujan

Patta made this class enjoyable and fun. I would recommend it to anyone. It was easy to follow and Patta sent me the recipes after the class. This was well worth the time and money.

Liz Schneider

So much fun and wonderful way to connect with love ones from afar!

Eiko Komatsu

Thank you. It was very fun. It was very delicious.

Ben Pisik

A lot of fun! I learned how to make with Tom Yum with an enthusiastic and knowledgeable instructor. Highly recommended.

Liz Schneider

So much fun and a wonderful way to connect with loved ones from afar!

Eiko Komatsu

So much fun.I came across a new taste.It was very exciting.

Eiko Komatsu

Thank you!it was very fun.It was very delicious!I made it again the next day.It was so delicious.My weak point is English.But it was okay.I feel better.I want to take it again.

Ben Pisik

A lot of fun! I learned how to make Tom Yum with an enthusiastic and knowledgeable instructor. Highly recommend.

Christiana Lackner

My team of 12 participated in the dumpling making class and we had a great time! Patta was a delightful host—enthusiastic and an attentive teacher. People in our group loved that they made something from start to finish on their own. Dumplings were particularly fun to see how they came together!

carrie omalley

The space was brilliant and we loved the hands-on format of the class. Very well done.

Lakshmi Gunanayagam

Our team had a wonderful time, and it was so awesome for BiteUnite to take photos for us!

Charles Nguyen

Our team loved the sushi making class! Mari was informative, fun, and just an overall sweet person! Location is beautiful, the staff is amazing - playing great music to liven the atmosphere, taking photos for people's instagrams. Bite Unite team, we appreciate you!

Stephanie Yee

Wow, what an amazing event! Great speaker, great company, and great food. Hope to attend many more events at BiteUnite!


Cannot recommend this class enough. I loved how Patta specifically had us cook using Thai proportions so we could understand a typical Thai spice level. Def an incredibly unique experience, and I can't wait to teach my friends at home.


My husband and I had a great time on our date night! Patta, the owner of Bite Unite taught the class which was a special version of their Thai class they usually offer as it was Thai New Year. We learned how to make green curry from scratch with lots of curry paste to take home for future meals. Great for couples, groups of friends, or people visiting who's looking for a fun interactive experience. Highly recommend!


This was an incredible event where we had the opportunity to hear directly from Charles Phan, the owner/founder of Slanted Door. So grateful for the opportunity to hear his story. We also received signed copies of his cookbooks to take home! Thank you BiteUnite for hosting this event!

Becca McArthur

I cannot express how fun and informative this class was. Patta taught a special two-person class for my roommate and I for my roommate’s thirtieth. Patta’s cooking space is beautiful, and we had a blast learning to make dumplings. Patta was an excellent teacher—the perfect balance of playful and helpful! The dumplings we made we delicious, and Patta even sent us home with extra ingredients to try making our dumplings at home (which we did—and now have plenty of extras in the freezer!). Patta also took lots of photos and sent them to us afterward, and set up a lovely dinner space for us to enjoy our creations after we made them. Can’t recommend Patta, her dumpling class, and BiteUnite enough!

Celine Stamets

Absolutely incredible! Patta and Tanarak are the best - They accommodated my work team so well and Patta is a great teacher! We will definitely be going back!! BiteUnite is the best!

Jessica Forney

This is a great addition to the community. Everyone was so friendly and the food was delicious.

Daniel Ramsey Ramsey

Nice people and surroundings lovely milkshakes...

Stephanie Chan

Thanks for helping make learning how to cook an easy process! I loved that all of the ingredients we needed for class were nicely packaged and easy to use. I am by no means a chef of any kind and the class was easy to follow along and my Pad Thai came out great!

Orion W Parrott

Hi, I had the buddha bowl but it was way too salty for me. I'm writing this not to complain but to be helpful. I feel a little sick from all the salt. Thanks


Absolutely adored the special little yelp Hand Pie kit that I received. So thoughtfully packed and the virtual class was AMAZING!

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